April Fools Bouquet
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April Fools Bouquet

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48,73 EUR (VAT included)
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Trick her like a real gentleman!
A gentleman doesn't lose any opportunity to surprise his girlfriend with style. On April 1, when almost everyone is tempted to celebrate the Fools Day with, most often, uninspired jokes, we offer an elegant, yet very funny, alternative.

Order her the Fools Day special product - April Fools Bouquet! We'll call your girlfriend, we'll say we have a special delivery for her and we will give her ... a poor single flower. After 5 minutes, we will, however, give her the special bouquet you've ordered.

The bouquet contains:

♥ 4 white fressia
♥ 7 irides
♥ 7 yellow tulips
♥ 5 yellow roses

Tags: Premium gifts

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