Christmas tree


Order your pot grown Christmas tree from Floria!


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⇒ Make sure you order in time! The stock is limited!  

⇒ Pot grown Picea omorika type have the highest quality in the market and are very easy to decorate.    

⇒ Chances of gripping, if replanting, are almost 100%.   

⇒ Delivery starts from on December 5th.

Replanting service - if you do not have a place to replant your potted tree, we can help you with our Replanting Service. 


Thank you for choosing a potted Christmas tree from Floria. In order to prologue its life, please follow these steps:

  1. Before bringing the Christmas tree inside, make sure you offer it a period of acclimatization of 2 or 3 days; otherwise, changing temperatures (from low to high) might affect it.
  2. A good acclimatization zone would be a garage or a closed balcony/terrace.
  3. Once you brought the tree inside, keep it in a well-lit space, far from any heating source. The maxim accepted temperature is 20 degree.
  4. Don't cut out the top part.
  5. Don't overload the Christmas tree with decorations; don't use decorations that tend to heat.
  6. If you wish to keep it for the following years, start by changing the pot. Keep the soil and add some new one, if necessary.
  7. Don't affect the roots in the process.
  8. After the Christmas holidays, when you wish to take out the Christmas tree, make sure you respect the same acclimatization procedure as initial.

* The main reason that conducts to Christmas trees withering is the low levels of humidity inside, as well as the high temperatures.