Floria club

We are true to our true customers. This is why we created Floria Club

If you're not already one of the members, create an account on the website and complete the mandatory and optional fields correctly! Depending on the value of your orders, you will receive the Silver, Gold or Platinum status.


More advantages for you.



(Minimum order 102 EUR)
  • Discount 10,00% on floria.ro


(Minimum order 304 EUR)
  • Discount 15,00% on floria.ro
  • Discount 7,00% in Floria flower shops
  • Dedicated line


(Minimum order 607 EUR)
  • Discount 20,00% on floria.ro
  • Discount 10,00% in Floria flower shops
  • Dedicated line
  • Free access to events

General terms and details

  • Only registered clients, with a valid e-mail address, can become Floria Club members;
  • Membership is granted automatically, after filling in the data (name, phone, address, county, city, nickname, date of birth);
  • The benefits of the Silver/Gold/Platinum status cannot be transmitted; the status is granted considering the total amount of orders in the last year and is granted for one year;
  • The status is granted three days after finalizing your last order, that completes the due amount to access the status;