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Pink dwarf rose - Houseplants

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Pink dwarf rose is a perennial plant that blooms almost all the time, suitable to be offered as a gift but can express through the image everything you can not express in words. Size: approx. 35 cmPotted dwarf roses care: Dwarf roses can be demanding with the necessary conditions to bloom and grow in optimal parameters. They prefer neutral soil (pH 7) and need a lot of light and high humidity. The ideal place for a dwarf potted rose is the window sill facing west or south. If you do not enjoy at least a few hours a day of direct sunlight, the dwarf rose will suffer. When there is insufficient light, the stem and branches grow, leaving more and more space between the leaves. * The vessel in the picture is for presentation. It is not included in the price. The plant is delivered in a plastic container. Humidity is especially important in winter. It is recommended to have a pot of water near the plant to ensure air humidity. Another solution is to place the pot on a layer of pebbles immersed almost completely in water. However, it is important that the pot does not touch the water directly. Water the dwarf roses generously and repeat the process before the soil dries completely. The ideal indoor temperature for dwarf roses varies between 16 and 24 C. It is recommended to use a bi-monthly fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus to obtain healthy plants and beautiful flowers. Remove the flowers as soon as they begin to dry, cutting the tail with a sharp scissors at a 45-degree angle.
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