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Seduce her
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Seduce her

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253,00 EUR (VAT included)
FREE DELIVERY IN 2 HOURS in Bucharest and other 123 cities
Shipping tax for other locations is 1.3 lei/km (round trip distance), the distance is calculated from the nearest spot with free delivery.

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Product details:

Seduce her! you want to leave a long lasting impression? To take her breath away? Imagine she's at the office. Or maybe home. Floria courier comes with a red rose. She's happy and calls you to say thank you. Then she returns to her tasks. After 11 minutes, surprise! the Floria courier arrives with another 11 red roses. Now that's what we call a surprise. She calls you again. She tells you it's the prettiest bouquet ever. After another 11 minutes she'll have her eyes on the clock, instinctively wondering if there's something else coming. But time passes..doesn't matter. She had her surprise. But what do you know. After 89 minutes, the Floria courier comes again, and this time with a magnificent bouquet of 89 red roses. How do you think she must be feeling now? What is she gonna tell you when she'll have gathered her thoughts and called you? We're dying of curiosity too, so please share it with us on the blog! We recommend you send her a Biiiiig transparent vase too from Floria online offers. After all, she's gonna need it!

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