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Orchid dendrobium alba - Houseplants

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The white dendrobium orchid inspires innocence and purity, being perfect to be offered to a loved one. Size: about 35 cm Care and cultivation: Dendrobium needs strong light; The soil in the pot should be allowed to dry a little between waterings, when the orchid is not in bloom. The plant prefers well-ventilated compost, consisting either of fern or tree fibers, or based on tree bark and peat. Regardless of the compost used, it must be aerated, light and not clump around the roots. Dendrobium orchid roots do not tolerate wet, waterlogged soil; this situation inevitably leads to root rot. Occasional spraying of foliage with water helps maintain moisture, especially on hot days. Orchids can withstand temperatures of 7-35 degrees Celsius, ideally between 16-30 degrees Celsius. The change of the pot to the orchids is done once every two years, in the spring, after it has blossomed, or when it starts to give new shoots (when it comes out of the rest period). Use a mixture of 10 parts finely chopped bark and 1 part compost for orchids, for smaller pots. The plant can be treated with fertilizer (25-9-9), all year round, in a concentration of 1 teaspoon to 3.8 liters. * The vessel in the picture is for presentation. It is not included in the price. The plant is delivered in a plastic container.
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