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White anthurium, also known as the flamingo flower, is a broad-leaved shrub. The white flowers give the plant delicacy and elegance. Anthurium is the most popular and enduring tropical flower. Size: about 35 cmHow to care for Anthurium: Even though it is a plant native to the Tropics, Anthurium does not withstand very high temperatures. At temperatures above 33 degrees, the leaves and flowers burn, and the flowers lose their strong color. Also, the lifespan is shortened. Temperatures below 10 degrees lead to slowing down the growth and development of this plant and to yellowing of the fungi. Also, the plant does not tolerate frost. Light - The Flamingo flower needs bright, indirect light. It is not advisable to expose the plant to direct sunlight, except in the cold season, after the plant has been well acclimatized. Lack of light will slow down the growth and development of the plant. Water - The soil of the plant must be permanently moist. But do not overdo it with water, so that the roots of the plant stay too long in too much water. Lack of water makes it harder for the plant to grow and even stop flowering. Lack of water also leads to drying of the roots and yellowing of the leaves. Soil - Soil in Anthurium pots should be rich and well loosened. Roots that grow out of the ground should be immediately covered with soil. Around the roots, the soil should be well pressed. Fertilization - The Anthurium plant does not require fertilization, but if you want to take care of this aspect, it is advisable to use a delicate, liquid fertilizer. It should be applied throughout the development period or only in the spring. Propagation - when you move the plant in a larger pot is the ideal time to multiply. divide the plant into several roots or cut off some of them. The plant can also multiply from older leaves that will develop outer roots, which can then be planted. Replanting - The plant should be changed to other pots each year. Anthurium does not suffer then it is relocated, so it will grow nicely further. * The vessel in the picture is for presentation. It is not included in the price. The plant is delivered in a plastic container.
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