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Conquer it with roses

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For thousands of years, red roses have been the "secret" of conquering a beloved woman. Because for thousands of years, no woman can remain indifferent when she receives a rose. All the more so when he receives 101 passionate roses. It is said that in order to conquer a woman, you do not have to win his affection, but make her want you. And for that, the simplest strategy is to surprise her, to show her your passionate side, in an unexpected but elegant way. Probably for this reason the product "Conquer it" is our most beloved product by men. He helps them, every time, to surprise, to delight, to arouse emotions. The conquest takes place in three steps: first, the recipient receives 1 rose. After 11 minutes, the courier Floria surprises her with a bouquet of 11 red roses. After another 89 minutes, after receiving the second bouquet, the courier Floria comes again, with a magnificent bouquet of 89 roses. The package contains: ♥ 1 red rose ♥ bouquet of 11 red roses ♥ bouquet of 89 red roses. A total of 101 passionate roses. ♥ Personalized greeting card with the text of your choice for each bouquet
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The price of the product includes a complimentary greeting card with the message of your choice. The bouquets are delivered by our own courier. The picture shows a bouquet of flowers / real floral arrangement, as it was made and delivered for a Floria customer. Special accessories (vases, wrapping) are not included in the price. Choose the most professional online florist. Order flowers online with fast and free delivery - 2 hours in Bucharest and in the most important cities in the country.

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