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Conquer it in 3 simple steps! Imagine that she is sitting at the office. Or at home. The courier Floria appears with a red rose. She was happy. He calls you to thank you. After 11 minutes a new surprise, the courier Floria brings a bouquet of 11 red roses. That's the surprise. He calls you again. It is the cutest bouquet of flowers! After 11 minutes, he will instinctively look at the clock: is there anything else coming? Time is passing ... 89 minutes have passed since the second bouquet of flowers. Floria the courier comes again, with a magnificent bouquet of 89 roses. What does she feel now? What does he tell you when he manages to pull himself together and call you? Important! This package does not include the vase, for this reason we recommend the large vase from our section of vases, baskets and accessories, available in the menu.

How to enjoy a bouquet of flowers as much as possible: change the water every day and make sure the vessel is clean; after a few days, cut off the tails of the flowers. Remove 1-2 cm from the bottom of the stem and make sure that the angle is 45 degrees (this way the flower will absorb water better); store the flowers at a suitable temperature!

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Contains: 101 roses, greenery


Florile pe care le folosim sunt mereu proaspete. Astfel, în unele cazuri ele pot fi sub formă de boboci. Aceștia se vor deschide în maxim 24 de ore, dacă în încăpere sunt între 23 și 25 de grade Celsius. Persoana care va primi acest produs se poate bucura mult mai mult de prospețimea lui, în acest caz!

Pretul produsului include o felicitare personalizata cu textul ales de Dumneavoastra. Livrarea buchetelor de flori se face prin curier propriu. Poza prezinta un buchet de flori / aranjament floral real, asa cum a fost realizat si livrat la comanda online a unui client Floria. Accesoriile speciale (vaza, invelis) nu sunt incluse in pret. Alege cea mai profesionista florarie online. Comanda flori online cu livrate rapida si gratuita - 2 ore in Bucuresti si in cele mai importante orase din tara.