AbonamenteFloral subscription - One day 9 every day

Floral subscription - One day 9 every day


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Do you think about her every day? Show them too! Send her a bouquet of 9 roses every day. The "One day 9 every day" subscription includes 5 bouquets of 9 roses, which will be delivered in 5 consecutive days. You choose the color of the roses and the first day of delivery of the bouquets.
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The price of the product includes a complimentary greeting card with the message of your choice. The bouquets are delivered by our own courier. The picture shows a bouquet of flowers / real floral arrangement, as it was made and delivered for a Floria customer. Special accessories (vases, wrapping) are not included in the price. Choose the most professional online florist. Order flowers online with fast and free delivery - 2 hours in Bucharest and in the most important cities in the country.

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