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Purple orchids phalaenopsis - Houseplants

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The Phalaenopsis orchid in pots is the orchid that blooms most easily, so it is a symbol of eternal love and affection given forever. Its flowers, like butterflies in flight, are an emblem of elegance and charm. Size: about 35 cm Care and cultivation: Light - Phalaenopsis does not need special conditions. It grows very well if the pot is placed in a bright window, where it receives little or no direct sunlight. An east-facing window is ideal, and shaded windows to the south or west are acceptable locations. Temperature - for Phalaenopsis, it is recommended between 16-18 degrees Celsius at night and between 21-29 degrees Celsius during the day. Although higher temperatures lead to faster vegetative growth, increased humidity and air circulation are absolutely necessary if the temperature is high. * The vessel in the picture is for presentation. It is not included in the price. The plant is delivered in a plastic container. Watering - water is a critical factor in Phalaenopsis. Because it does not have specialized organs to retain fluids, the plant must never dry out. The orchid should be watered abundantly and then left until the soil dries. When it is very hot and the humidity is low, the soil can dry out overnight; in the greenhouse, in a cold climate, this can happen once every 10 days. Phalaenopsis is watered only in the morning, so that the leaves can dry out until nightfall, to prevent rot. Humidity - is important for Phalaenopsis orchid. It is recommended that it be between 50-80%. In the house, place the pot in a tray partially filled with water, on a layer of gravel, so that the bottom of the pot does not reach the water level.
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Contains: 1 purple phalenopsis orchid in a pot


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