Customers of have, according to the Romanian legislation, the right to return products purchased through withdrawal for sale - buying concluded at a distance, without giving any reason.

  1. Floria’s customers are able to return only products which are not perisable and / or food. Consequently, flowers and sweets can not return, but toys, vases and baskets, yes.
  2. You may return products by sending them back at Floria’s headquarters in Bucharest, district 1, 4 Soseaua Pipera, 2nd floor, by any courier you want but not by Romanian Post (since it delivers onsite).
  3. Carriage return package will be paid by you at time of shipment, otherwise the receipt will be refused.
  4. The package will content all documents received initially, and a written address, signed by the person who initiated and paid order that notice of termination of the contract and request the return of the amount paid, indicating the bank account where the money will be returned.
  5. The package must be sent at the headquarters in Bucharest, district 1, str. Buzesti, nr. 71, biroul 107, etaj 1, within 10 working days of receipt of order.
  6. The amount paid will be full reimbursed less the transport cost that remains the client’s obligation, within 30 days upon integral receiving of the return package and of the letter of termination (if the two come apart, the 30 days pass since the last of them which was received)