1. Choose the delivery city

First things first: in the website homepage, choose the delivery location. You do so by clicking "Choose delivery location", then typing the county and the city name. Afterwards, you may choose the delivery date. Immediately we will generate a list of products available in the location you chose, in that specific date.

2. Pick your product

From the product list, choose your favorite. Once you click it, you'll be redirected to the product page. Here, you can customize your order: choose the type of product (standard or premium), add a free compliment card, type in your message and add extra products, such as cake or champagne. Once you're done personalizing your order, click Add to cart.

3. Filling in the delivery information

If you weren't connected in your Floria account, this is the moment to fill in your email or create a new account. Once you passed this step, you'll be redirected to a page. Please fill in your data, as well as the delivery details.

4. Paying and confirmation

Once you filled in all the data, you can make the payment for your order. Important! The order is processed only after the payment has been confirmed! You can pay online, by card, or you can choose Bank transfer as your payment method. Fill in all the data, then click Checkout.

5. Oder confirmation

After successfully completing all the steps above, you'll receive a confirmation email.